Hey, we used to be Androtics. Now we’re IntelliScents.

We’re the creator of social pheromones for consumers.

We’ve gotten a lot of resistance over the years to the idea, but it’s true — humans aren’t just sex machines. We’re nuanced social creatures first. We’re complex. We think and talk. A lot.

That’s why some of the most important pheromones are actually social, not directly sexual, in nature.

We design consumer products to improve lives in practical ways by giving people more control over their social destiny.

We are also the inventor of dosed pheromones for experimenters and the scientific community. Imagine if aspirin was undosed, and you’ll get the idea of how important this seemingly obvious step is. For reasons unknown, nobody thought of it before we did. (and we’ve made many such advances that have pushed phero tech further)

Where are we?

Like many companies, we have several locations for specialty functions.

We’re partially organized in Palo Alto, California because that’s where the funding and legal support for tech is.

Our products are mostly formulated in Chicago, just minutes from downtown. A small amount of product is made in Europe.

The ingredients come all from first world sources at this time, which is unique for any company these days.

We get the pheromones mostly from scientists in the US, with some from Europe. Sourcing the pheromones is the really hard part. Very few chemists can make these types of molecules.

All products are shipped from either Chicago or Missouri. Our fulfillment center is located next to one of the largest shipping hubs in the U.S. We’re both just minutes away from The United States Postal Service and one of the busiest airports in the world (O’Hare International Airport). That’s how we can get packages to you so quickly at low cost.

Where do these things come from?

The bulk of components used in our products are mostly from Europe and the United States.

Many of the unique, key components are synthesized custom for us at university chemistry labs, overseen by the world’s top organic chemists. An expensive but quality intensive process.

Focusing on using the purest, high quality organic chemicals has allowed us to make formulas as precise as we do.

Eventually, we hope that the low cost chemical suppliers of the world can make product with similar quality. We’re sure they’ll get there, but it still feels far off. Yet they do tend to improve every year.

The perfuming ingredients come mostly from Europe, since that is a specialty in France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Here’s a few other interesting facts:

  • The initial technology behind Androtics was developed by Michael Harris in the late 1990s. He worked in academia around Cambridge & in spin-off technical start-ups in that area for many years.
  • The beta version of the world’s first social pheromone product, “Come Talk To Me”, was released & tested in the Silicon Valley area. The first mass test was during Silicon Valley’s Burning Man Festival during the year 2000.
  • In business officially since 2002, we initially sold products to other stores before “going direct” in 2005. The direct model allowed us to make the switch from Chinese made components to the finest, first world, university synthesized components
  • Androtics’ first online shop was started in 2004. In 2021, we opened A314.com where you are currently reading this message. And in 2023 we launched Pheromone Labs and brought back the popular PheromoneTalk forums