AMMO – Sexual Attraction Pheromone Cologne For Men


The pheromonal blend in Ammo has been shown to get you friendly and, yes, sexual attention – all without being excessive or overbearing.

Ammo is a balanced blend of 5 human pheromones in a unique, top notch cologne designed for us by no less than world’s #1 fragrance designer. They’re the secret designer behind many of the award-winning brand name colognes you’re familiar with.

The classic version of Ammo comes in Swiss 10 mL bottles (5 mL for Ammo oil) and uses our “Blue Summer” fragrance, a popular scent that makes you feel good and exudes a high end department store cologne vibe such as Chanel Blue, while Ammo World Edition comes in 15 mL cobalt blue bottles and uses our FF20 fragrance that exudes an unmistakable high end European vibe.

Ammo Pheromone Cologne For Men
AMMO – Sexual Attraction Pheromone Cologne For Men
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