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Truth Serum – Military Grade Communication Pheromone


Warning: This wild cocktail of a formula can make people’s head spin. In the past, this was only sold to interrogators, special operatives, and high end attorneys. Now we offer it here in very limited production runs, as it is not for everyone – both figuratively and literally speaking. If you want something more social, go with Honesty. If you want brute force crazy, try this.

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Cool – Relax and Unwind Mood Enhancing Pheromone


Kick back, relax and unwind with Cool, another of our unique mood enhancing pheromones. This and Calm are your tickets to a personal zen oasis whenever you need it. Discover which one (or both?) works best for you and stressful days will never get you down again.

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Bright – Mood Enhancing Pheromone – Brighten Everyone’s Day


Be a beacon of clean, positive energy with Bright – one of our best mood enhancing pheromones based off the beloved P96 molecule. If you love the effects of Shine, but don’t want the drug-like high, give Bright a try.

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Calm – Relaxing Soothing Mood Enhancement Pheromone


Calm is a unique mood enhancing pheromone that relaxes and soothes yourself and others around you. If you often find yourself feeling stressed, overwhemled, or over-stimulated during the day, Calm can help you reach a peaceful state of mind.

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Instant Openness – Ice Breaker Pheromone for Men


Helps break the ice in social situations, causing everyone around you to open up to you, as well as become easier to approach and talk to. Excellent when combined with Shine, and makes the effects of Honesty even spookier.

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Honesty – Deep Relational Communication Pheromone – You Won’t Believe Your Ears!


You’ll be amazed at how much people are willing to tell you if you just sit there and listen. First introduced over 18 years ago, Honesty is famous for being the “spooky” formula that helps make friends fast, become closer to people you like, and the truly spooky part — to often hear unexpected candor and honesty from those around you.

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Molecule C – Social, Feed Good, Sensual Pheromone Oil


More information on Molecule C coming soon!

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Molecule A – Carefree Youthful Uplifting Pheromone Oil


Make people “brighten up” when you’re around with Molecule A. Be remembered as the one who brings the good times.

Molecule A gives many people a real, uplifting rush, producing a carefree, anxiolytic, youthful effect.

Interestingly, it tends to make people just want to be NEAR you, and sometimes contributes to crowding – probably because it makes most people feel really darn good, so they naturally gravitate to the cause of those feelings.

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